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The only thing that could be done to this old WWII kitchen to make it some what operational and effecient was to gut it and start all over.
These cabinets were built in place and were made out of plywood, had numerous coats of paint on them and the stove and refrigerator were on the back wall making this kitchen very difficult to work in.

First thing, rip out all these old cabinets, remove all the old plaster and lath walls, install new insulation, drywall and windows.

We installed an Andersen Casement over the sink and an Andersen Double hung by where the kitchen table would find a home.

Now thatthe dirty work was over with, it was time to primer and paint the walls and install the new Oak kitchen cabinets. We kept the sink and the dishwasher in the same area so no plumbing had to be moved.

Added ceramic tile to the walls and installed a Formica countertop.
We even added some accent tiles to the wall like a loaf of bread, a glass of wine with crackers and a lobster and a crab.

On the back wall we added a small countertop  with a microwave shelf, the stove with a exhaust hood and a nice big pantry cabinet.

Add the wallpaper with a nice border and
now we have a much more functional kitchen.
Which would you rather have

This           or        This ?