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Bathroom Remodel

Neo Angle Showers are notorious for leaks and this one was no different. The pink Ceramic tile also had to go. Through years of neglect, and not taking care of the grout the wall that held the soap dish leaked and rotted out the plaster.

First thing to do is to rip everything out and start over. I removed the shower walls, removed all the old plaster and drywall down to the studs.

Once everything was removed, I had to replace a couple 2x4 studs, installed new blocking behind the plumbing and replaced the mixer valve. The next step is to install moisture resistant drywall. Or if you are going to install ceramic tile use tile backer board

Once the wall board is installed, the reassembly process begins.

For the shower walls I used the AmeriWall, it is very easy to clean thanks to the gloss acrylic finish.

Now reinstall the Neo Angle glass panels. Be sure to clean off all the old caulking. Apply silicone caulk and attach the rails on to the wall being sure to caulk the bottom where the glass frame attaches to the shower floor.

The next step was to finish off the bathroom walls. The customer chose two matching styles of wall paper, with a border that split the walls in half.

This bathroom was fun to do and it
came out really nice. The only problem
was it was so small, it was tough to
move around. Also the stripes in the
wall paper had my eyes crossing..