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UniLock Pavers

A few years ago I had the opportunity to bid on a UniLock patio and sidewalk. I had never done one before so I did some research, visited the UniLock paver store here in Buffalo to gather as much information as I could to build my confidence in the ability to do a good job for one of my favorite customers. This was before the days of the internet so I had no choice but to travel and read the books and reference material.

Unilock has a great page for you to pick out styles and designs for your home. Design page at UniLock   
My customer chose the Herring bone pattern

we did her front sidewalk

Then we created her a nice outside patio

The hardest part is digging out enough topsoil to cover the thickness of your pavers and a good solid sand base and vapor barrier.

We dug out approx 6 inches of grass and topsoil. Then installed a 6 mil plastic vapor barrier. spread out 2 inches of fine masonary sand to get everything level. Laying the pavers was the fun part. As you lay them keep a level on the top and work your way across, cutting the edge pavers with a wet saw. I used a radial arm type wet saw, use extreme caution with the saw, the blades is diamond tipped and will cut your fingers off too if you are not careful.

Once the pavers are all layed, spread sand over the top and sweep it into all the grooves and run a Plate Compactor across all the pavers to drive them down and secure them into place.

All the tool you will need you can rent at your local tool rental outlet.
Tools you will need.
Wheel barrow, spade shovels, wet saw, level, plate compactor, rubber hammer and a  broom..