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Installing a Lockset

There are different name brands of dead bolts,
Kwikset, Weslock, Schlage, Baldwin,
Emtek, Weiser, Defiant etc...

They come in different finishes too,
Brass, Antique brass, Pewter or Stainless steel.

Tools you will need
Phillips Screw driver, Flat head scredriver,
1/2 inch Chisel, pencil
Removing your old knob. Some have the two screws right on either side of the knob, some have a cover plate covering them. If there is a cover plate covering them, first you must remove the knob. On the side of the knod look for a little slit opening, insert a flat head screwdiver into it, depress the lever and pull the knob backwards to remove.
Once the knob is removed, you can then remove the cover plate expose the screws and then loosen them, turn the plate counter clockwise and remove.
Remove the assembly and discard
There are two different type shafts too. This one has no exposed screws so it has to be pryed out with a screw driver. The other type has screws exposed, remove the screws and pull out the shaft and discard.
Insert the new shaft into the existing hole, mark the top and bottom and then remove.
With a sharp wood chisel tap a groove into the line you scribed top and bottom
Carefully chisel out the wood at about 1/8 inch depth
Once the area is scraped clean with the wood chisel your ready for the next step. continue on next page..