Bath upper Cabinets

After removing the plaster and lath walls, installing new insulation then installing Green board to the walls, the next step would be to build some custom cabinets, nothing standard would fit in this opening.
in this old 2 story North Buffalo home, this opening was inbetween the chimney wall and the exterior wall.

The home owner found 3 very old wood framed glass doors at a yard sale. Then it was my job to retrofit a cabinet for the doors.

I simply used 1 X 4 number 2 pine for the frame and 1 X 12 for the shelves. Pine is fine for projects that will be painted, as the whole bathroom will be whitewashed.  One the frame was done to match the door sizes she asked about adding an open bottom shelf.

Easy enough, the customer drew on a piece of paper a little scroll design for the side peices. I cut them out with a jig saw, sanded them and attached them to the wall with finish nails and glue. Added beadboard to the back to match the wainscoating bead board below.

It was difficult to get one good picture of the whole unit. I stood out in the hallway to get the shot above.

The homeowner liked the shelf so much she asked if I could do another on a plumbing wall we had to build to house the new shower.
At the top of the bead board I cut 4 look alike scroll shelf supports.

Added a 1 X 6 piece of pine to the top, all cut on the angles to the 3 sided wall. This is a picture of it before final sanding and painting.
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