Veteran U.S. Army
1976 - 1979
Ft Devens, Mass
Fathers Day with my Children
I get a new Flag every year from them.
New Sheriff Station needs a new flag, me with Sheriff  Hilliker and friend Andy Chambers
Our float, July 4,01 Grand Island Parade
                                                                              THE FAMILY    
  Rus Thompson   B. 1956             Father  Lloyd A. Thompson        Mother  Dorothy G. Hilditch   B. 1935 - D. 1997

*Juiianne M. Wopperer  B. 1962   Father  George W. Wopperer     Mother  Jaqueline B. Shea               
* David M. Thompson      B. 1977
* Christie M. Thompson   B. 1981
* Elijah J. Thompson      B. 1987 
* Jacob J. Thompson              B. 1989
* Abram R. Thompson             B. 1992
* Lillian G. Thompson             B. 1995

Norman L. A. Thompson   B. 1906 - D. 1996                          George W. Stone    B. 1878 - D. 1964
* Zellah B. Stone              B. 1906 - D- 2007                                 *Flora A. Gordon    B. 1873 - D. 1945
-----------------^---------------------                                                  --------------^----------------------
Charles S. Thompson       B. 1882 - D. 1967                          Ephraim A. Gordon   B. 1840 - D. 1917
*Mable V. Payne               B. 1885 - D. 2001                          *Mary J. Kenney      B. 1845 - D. 1910
------------------^--------------------                                                 --------------^-----------------------
Alonzo B. Payne              B. 1849 - D. 1914                           Ithemar Kenney      B. 1812 - D. 1874
*Martha K. Greenfield      B. 1850 - D. 1929                           *Mary E. Orcutt       B. 1825 - D. 1906
-----------------^---------------------                                                   -------------^-------------------------
Azariah L. Payne             B. 1829 - D. 1875                            Elijah Orcutt             B. 1784 - D 1868
*Nancy Barton                  B. 1829 - D. 1876                            *Elizabeth Clewley   B. 1794 - D. 1878
----------------^----------------------                                                   -------------^---------------------------
Benjamin Barton             B. 1798 - D. 1836                             Emerson Orcutt       B. 1745 - D. 1837
* Regina                          B. 1805 - D. 1860                             *Anna mansell         B. 1749 - D. 1795
---------------^-----------------------                                                   ---------------^----------------------------
William Barton                B. 1772 - D. 1818                             John Mansell            B. 1723 - D. 1783
*Elizabeth                        B. 1773 - D. 1830                             *Leah Simmons        B. 1725 - D. 1805
----------------^----------------------                                                   ---------------^--------------------------
William Barton               B. 1748 - D. 1831                             Isaac Simmons         B. 1701 - D. 1770
*Rhoda Carver                B. 1749 - D. 1841                                   *Rachel Cudworth    B. 1705 - D. 1775
----------------^----------------------                                                  ---------------^----------------------------
Joseph Carver II             B. 1726 - D. 1786                                     Isaac Simmons         B. 1678 - D. 1760
*Sarah Hartwell              B. 1724 - D. 1746                                   *Martha Chandler     B. 1678 - D. 1762
----------------^----------------------                                                    ---------------^-----------------------------
Joseph Carver I              B. 1705 - D. 1778                                     John Simmons           B. 1650 - D. 1740
*Elizabeth Snow             B. 1705 - D. 1755                                  * Mercy Peabody      B. 1650 - D. 1745
---------------^-----------------------                                                   ---------------^---------------------------
Benjamin Snow             B. 1670 - D. 1743                                     William peabody         B. 1620 - D. 1707
*Elizabeth Alden            B. 1672 - D. 1715                                    *Elizabeth Alden        B. 1624 - D. 1717
--------------^------------------------                                                      ( Was First White Woman Born in Colony's)      
William Snow                B. 1630 - D. 1708                                   --------------^------------------------                 
*Rebecca Brown          B. 1630 - D. 1710                     JOHN (Mayflower) ALDEN        B. 1599 - D. 1687
--------------^------------------------                                *PRISCILLA (Mayflower) MULLENS  B. 1600 - D. 1685
PETER (Mayflower) BROWN      B. 1586 - D. 1633                  
*MARY HARD (Indian Maiden) B. 1589 - D 1654                       

    Also Related
President John Adams  3rd Cousin        -     
President John Quincy Adams   4th Cousin
Julius Caesar  my 68th Great Grand Father
Lady Godiva   my 34th Great Grand Mother

Below is just a small sample of letters
I have written to the editor
Rus Thompson ~ Candidate for Erie County Legislature     in the 10th District

After 12 years of acting as the "people's advocate" for good government, Rus Thompson has decided to run for Erie County Legislature. He has a no-nonsense style and a brute honesty that has gained him favor among people on both sides of the political aisle, and there is no confusion about where he stands on the issues. His passion for the issues has gained him an intimate understanding of the political process, and a unique insight into the problems that plague Erie County.

Rus was born Feb 11, 1956 in Hopkinton Massachusetts, home of the Boston Marathon, where his grandfather (John A Hilditch) had been the Chief of Police, and his grandmother (Theresa N (Brennan) Hilditch) was a schoolteacher.  Rus's paternal grand parents lived in Ashland Massachusetts, His grandfather Norman Thompson retired from Ratheon Ind where he had an intregal part in the invention of the Radar Range which is todays Microwave oven. His grandmother Zella (Stone) Thompson was a life long member of the Odd Fellows and former Secretary for 60 years. She was the oldest living resident of Ashland as she just went home to be with the Lord on Sept 1st at the age of 100 years and 9 months.

Rus served in the U.S. Army, and was honorably discharged as an E-4 in 1976.  He married Julianne Wopperer from Williamsville, NY, and together they have four children:  Elijah, 20;  Jacob, 18;  Abram, 15;  and Lilly, 12.  They all attend Grand Island Schools, with the exception of Elijah, who is attending Buff State.  As a small business owner, Rus does home remodeling, roofing, siding, and custom woodwork.

Rus's initiation into local politics came in December of 1996, at a time when Grand Island citizens' concerns were not being heard over the development of a Town Center Plan.  Rus and three other gentlemen were given a police escort out of the meeting when they spoke up, as was their right, according to Roberts Rules of Order, which town officials were disregarding.  Within two months, the Town Board decided to respect their citizens concerns, and honor Roberts Rules of Order.

Rus began to consistently write letters to the Editors of the local newspapers, through which he effectively managed to bring about change in the way government operates.  In 1998, the Town extracted $105,000 from a Trust & Agency Fund towards the purchase of wetlands, "for the preservation of open space" -- money that was earmarked for youth recreational needs.  Though it was too late to recover the money, Rus put enough pressure on the Town that they were forced to make the necessary changes to abide by state law.  His unrelenting pursuit of less intrusive and less expensive government forced a consolidation of the Town's Building, Zoning and Engineering Departments.  Confounded by the fact that he lives on an island, and has no public access to the water, Rus managed a verbal committment from then Legislature Chairman Swanick for a six-digit figure towards the development of a small waterfront park. He began a dialogue with State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno about removing the bridge tolls and completing the LaSalle Expressway.   However, the strain of doing as much as a private citizen, caused him to decide to run for public office.  In 2001, he ran and lost as a Conservative in the Town Council race, and as a result, much of what he'd hoped for never came to fruition.

Considering the fact that New Yorkers vote for incumbents 98% of the time, it was natural for Rus to join with his friend Lenny Roberto in establishing Primary Challege, where ordinary citizens can challenge incumbents in the primary election, where they are most vulnerable.  Considering also his relentless desire to downsize government, lending assistance to FreeBuffalo with Jim Ostrowski, is a natural outcome of his conviction that government needs to be reigned in, and "you can't tax your way to prosperity."

In the past, Rus has served as a Director with the Grand Island Chamber of Commerce, as a member of the Grand Island Business Council Planning Committee, he is a former Committeeman with the Grand Island Conservative Party, and with his wife Julianne, directed the Erie County of the New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms for four years. 
Fighting for our Freedom
in Western New York
An in depth look into the politics of Erie County, Albany and Western New York.