October 13, 2006  This is my yard.
An eye gash from a branch smashing into the side of my head. I feel like a boxer.
Below is a series of pics taken Saturday Oct 14th.
My friend Jim Ostrowski called and asked me if I could help open his street in North Buffalo. The street was closed due to branches and trees clogging the whole road. If there was an emergency a fire truck or any emergency vehicle could not make it down the road.

I loaded up the chainsaw, gas and oil and headed over. In 3 hours we opend the road with the help of Jim and the neighbors that came out as soon as they heard the chainsaw running.

When I left any vehicle could get down the road, the neighborhood was happy and I was a little bloody from getting hit by a branch that blindsided me.

This is what Western New York is all about. People helping people in a time of need.

The pics were taken by Michael Rebmann and he posted the whole series here..
Mikes site is here North Buffalo Journal and Review....